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Fringe everywhere!…

So as u all know fringe is so much in trend these days….It’s there in every possible thing….so why not go fringe crazy …..I have styled my white fringe top with denim hot pants….N with goldenish brown boots which gives it a little bit quirky look n sexy look at d same time…this outfit is best for
Spring season…..Fringe is always fun…U can play with it n go crazy n at d same time u can look trendy….
I hope u Guyz liked my first outfit…stay tuned to get updated for more!…
Love u all alot!..







Photography by Maulik Vora

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The girl with a passion of exploring and experimenting things out. I am here to share my Journey of Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty ,Travel, Food . Make it addictive because Fashion is a way of living!

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