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Stay Quirky!

Hey everyone, I am back again with something new for your eyes only! And this one is something that draws attention as much as any accessories or apparel does. Yes! I am talking about your pretty nails!

You can accessorize and clad yourself in the best attire, but leaving those pretty nails unattended? That’s a serious No No! After all its the small things that matter the most. As they say, beauty lies in the details.

Be it an occasion or just another regular day of your life, you don’t need a reason to apply nail paint. Who doesn’t want to play with those vibrant colors at her fingertips? A little girl and a lady are all alike when it comes to colors.

So why not choose the color that you have always wanted?

Now you must be thinking “Are you kidding me? I never get the exact shades I’ve wished for”. But today I bring you the solution you always thought was a distant dream. Yes! You read it right!  Colors that you want!

Stay Quirky has brought for all us fashionistas a sigh of relief! Huge variety of products with high quality and most importantly in jaw dropping affordable prices!

So now you don’t have to worry or compromise with shades. You don’t pick from just the  shades available .The shades you want are available for you to pick! Time to play with the colors girls!!!

Every woman has a quirky side to her. So let’s stay quirky all the time and empower all women to stay quirky.

Here I am wearing a twisted green apple shade with which I am absolutely in love!
You won’t find this shade anywhere else but only on stay quirky’s amazing collection.

So go grab your favorite ones right now and flaunt your nails with your creativity.

I would love to see how you style them up. So don’t forget to send me a picture of you with your nail paint. Use #mystyle. Who knows… You could get an exclusive feature on my page!

If you have any queries drop a comment and I’ll be more than happy to respond.

Love you all a lot:)












The girl with a passion of exploring and experimenting things out. I am here to share my Journey of Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty ,Travel, Food . Make it addictive because Fashion is a way of living!

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