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Holiday Delights!

Well the holiday season is here isn’t it? And holiday season without an array of choices for you would be unfair. So here’s, From Me, To You, a lookbook that will turn all you pretty ones into heartthrobs of the crowd you flock in. Whether you want to be in your cutest you sexiest self for this celebratory time, I have each for you!!! So without much ado, here we go!!!

Look 1: Well this one is for all the glam dolls who would like to look their prettiest. I have put on a reddish-orange/black, knee length dress that gives you a glamorous look for the evening. Team it up with a pair of red stilettos to amp the temperature. You can also put on a pair of round dangling like me, to add that special touch to your look and bring out that pretty face you have.


Look 2:  This is one of my favorites. Adding that retro look to your evening with black Palazzo pants and peach Crop top will make you stand out from the crowd. Whether out for shopping or late night clubbing, this will go with any occasion you are out of your bed for. I have teamed it up with Red Wedges and a royal waist Belt. You are set to look absolutely elegant! To add the final touch you could put on a queenly bracelet and there you go! The Princess Look!


Look 3: Well well Well! What’s the holiday season if not the reason to go to parties and clubbing all night long! And you can’t just go to party without being decked up as the sexiest “gal”. So here I am in a sleeveless top from Max Fashion India and a pleated/checkered (black and white) skirt that will confuse every one, whether to compliment you as sexy or cute??? I have paired it with stilettos from Forever 21 and there you go! I am ready for some real party!!!



Look 4: Now many of us girls like to keep it smart and simple. We don’t like to take too much time, yet want to be in our best. This look is just for them!!! Here I have teamed up my Red Sweater from Madame Fashions with the Ripped Jeans that I fashioned myself. Teamed it up with Red Velvet Wedges


Look 5: Whether it’s broad daylight or just a lazy afternoon. You want to go hang with your friends in the delightfully decorated malls. You surely can’t overdress. But you’ve got to make the heads turn now, don’t you my fashionistas. So try this simple look that I created for myself! A pair of Denim with a Cheetah print slip. It’s winter and its bound to be cold! So add a black shrug to it! Wham! You are ready to look trendy! With Santa joining me for a click!!!


Look 6: Well the last one is again something to stand out. Abstracting the look is something I love to do. Hope you guys like it too. So here I am in a white Fringe Top from Tendencia_24 with a black knee ripped jeans from Dealjeans. Put on the Christmas cap just for fun!


Editor: Kushal Swain
Photography By:
Look One: Maulik Vora
Look Two: Maulik Vora
Look Three: Reetu And Nithya
Look Four: Reetu And Nithya
Look Five: Sharmin Lanani
Look Six: Anjali Kaushik


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