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Miss Nails!

Hello every one. Hope you’re all in your fanciest self this day!!

Well today I’m here to fill colours in your fingers! Yes! Colors! Who doesn’t like colours? Life is so bland without them. And like they say, the more colorful you are, the more joyful your life is. Well, I am feeling the same today when I introduce you to Miss Nails, Nail Paint.

They are one of the most magical things my fingers have worn in years. As you can see I have put a combination of blue and pink. Believe me when I say they look greater in a first person view. The gloss is great and they last longer than your usual paints. You could of course use single colour unlike me. They have a wide range to serve your palate.

You can find the same collection that I’m wearing and many more on their Instagram account and also on Amazon.
click here to get your miss nails 🙂

So wait not a second more and get those beautiful nails the exquisite look they deserve. Get colorful this new year!











Editor:Kushal Swain
Photography by:Maulik Vora




The girl with a passion of exploring and experimenting things out. I am here to share my Journey of Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty ,Travel, Food . Make it addictive because Fashion is a way of living!

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