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Mothers day gift idea!

Mom is just a three letter word but it means a world to me.
Our mom’s gave us life and never asked for anything in return. She is the one who loves us unconditionally.Moms are the women who made us who we are, the women who brought us up, the women who will continue to do so, no matter how adult we claim to be.

There are not enough words I can say to describe how important my mom is to me and what a Powerful  influence she is. She inspired me of who I am today, she was the one who always motivated and supported me when there was no one. I can’t thank her enough of what I am today.

Always remember to the world she is your mother but to your family she is the world.

We trouble her, she pampers us!
This one day is our chance to return the favour!

So why not make her feel special this mother’s day. I have already decided what to gift my mom and thought to share it with you all, so that even you can gift your mom something and show her that you care.

This is what I decided to gift her! You can also get this for your mom from Toniq. Link is at the bottom.


Here are some of the designs you can choose from.









I hope you liked my idea and for more ideas or suggestions you can comment down below.

Click here to go on their website

You can also connect with them on instagram!



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