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Speak your eyes out!

Hi guys!
Today I am gonna share my personal experience with you.

Many of you must be knowing that I wear spectacles. You might be thinking why not contact lenses.

Yeah I always wanted to wear contact lenses but I always had a fear and too many questions in my mind which I think almost every one has before trying the lenses.

I thought that it was not for me until I came across olens. I always used to think that lens causes irritation to the eyes and are not at all safe but somewhere deep in my heart I also wanted to risk everything and try them on because you only have one life so why not do things which interests you.

One day when I was going through my instagram I came across a profile of olens which said that they have celebrity lenses and just after having a look on their profile my first reaction was “I want these in my life”.
So I took a really strong step and ordered my first ever contact lenses and that too in pink color because when you risk it, then risk it completely to experience it better.

I was really excited to try my lenses and I tried it on the very first day after I received it and trust me it literally took me 2 hours to apply it but I think it was worth it.

I was amazed to see how it looked on me and couldn’t stop myself from flaunting it and ofcourse even my friends couldn’t resist complimenting me.

It was worth risking because it didn’t only looked good but also were very comfortable to the eyes. The best thing was that feeling when you are able to see everything clearly without wearing those big glasses. I absolutely love my lenses and I think it also makes me feel more confident because it not only enhances my vision but also my look.

So If you are like me then I will suggest you to take that risk and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

You should totally go and check out their page once.






For more pictures!
Photography by:Chesta



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