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Dusk to Dawn!

Busy with office or college and have a party tonight but no time to go back home and change?

I am a design student and therefore i don’t get enough time to party or go out but there are certain times I wanna go out and chill but then i really cant go back and change into something fancy because that will kill my time and energy as well. 

Noel Jansen came up with a rescue to my problem.

They manufacture bags with detachable wallet. (isn’t that great, well i am totally impressed with it). The concept is really new and different and the quality is amazing.(i use it almost everyday to college)

The main attraction to it is that it gives you that fancy look and litreally you can carry your whole world inside your bag. Isnt that amazing!

Its fun how you can style up the same bag in four different ways (unbeliveable right?)

I will show you how 


You can carry the bag with the wallet attached as it is. It will give you that fancy look and the corporate look at the same time.


When you want to keep it simple you can just detach the wallet and voila!


Layer it up because one is not enough. Just detach the wallet and hold it on your other hand and there you go girl. (its time to change the trend)


Dont have enough things to keep except your cash, keys and phone. just detach the wallet from the bag and go flaunt it. Like I do.

Here i am wearing  co-ords from stalk buy love which matches the bag properties perfectly.

If you are one of those busy bee like me then no worries. I got a solution to your every problem. i hope you like those life hacks and will recreate the look.

Looking forward to your views about it.



The girl with a passion of exploring and experimenting things out. I am here to share my Journey of Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty ,Travel, Food . Make it addictive because Fashion is a way of living!

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