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The Dove in me!

Hey sunshine,

Today I want to share something really different from what I usually write. It is not about Fashion, Lifestyle , Beauty , Travel or anything else but it’s about Me.

You all know me as a blogger or a social media influencer but not as a person. It is not easy to talk about myself to so many people and that too on social media but you guys are a family to me, so here I am today telling you about me.

I know I was supposed to post a fashion blog post as mentioned on my last post on instagram but then I thought why not share about what kind of person I am.

So I got an assignment in my college where I had to take an object,animal,bird or anything apart from human which describes me well. So after brainstorming a little bit and taking few personality tests I realized Dove defines me really well.

The reason  I chose a bird because birds like to be independent and not to be caged likewise I like to be free and not restricted by anything. I love to explore,experiment and try out things and not sit at one place and look at the depth of sky.

Now few of you must be thinking why Dove?

As you must be Knowing Dove is a symbol of Love and purity and for me Love is the greatest energy in this whole universe. It is unconditional, fearless and unbiased.Love illuminates,harmonizes, nourishes, it empowers you and not shrink.

Dove is also a harmless creatures, even I believe in peace and harmony.

Coming to other traits of a dove I am also thoughtful, patient, calm, soft spoken and kind.

You might get flabbergasted after knowing this but I am a spiritual kind of person (though I may not look like one) and at the same time I am also a very bubbly and jolly person, which makes a unique combination and which is rare to find and  you might be Knowing Dove is also a rare bird to find.

That’s it about me. I am really sorry if I bored  you or if I was too diplomatic but that’s me and I really felt like sharing it with  you all.

Thank  you so much if you are reading this because you made it till the end. 🙂



The girl with a passion of exploring and experimenting things out. I am here to share my Journey of Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty ,Travel, Food . Make it addictive because Fashion is a way of living!

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