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Diwali Decor!


I know it’s been long since I posted last.

Alot of things have been going around because of which I wanted to take a break from the blog and focus on those things but I was active on my social media platform. Don’t worry i am back with some exciting posts and giveaways. (follow me on Instagram for the giveaway and more amazigness :p)

Alot of things changed in these few months. I started with my third year, began with my specialization in user experience design, made new connections, started my food page @the_foodlust, shifted to a new house.

So because I shifted to a new house I wanted to decorate it with some quirky yet traditional home decor and guess what I came across this online store called Chungi store and I was amazed to see the collection. It fitted my requirements so perfectly.

The collection is really bright and colorful which adds quirkiness in the decor and its crochet work makes it look ethnic. I love how beautifully they have curated their collection. It’s fun and traditional which makes it stand out.

The collection ranges from home decor, Accessories and apparels I ordered few bedsheets, cushion covers, curtains, table napkins and earrings and I am in love with the quality.

The products are affordable in price and the best part is that thet have a sale going on so which doesn’t even harm my pocket. Quality and quantity at the same time. Isn’t the best thing?

I would advice you to take the advantage of the sale and decorate your home with some amazigness this diwali.

After all your living space defines your personality so make sure it speaks the best

Bye. See you soon 🙂

Till then enjoy the pictures.

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The Spa Edit!

They say magic is in your body and Sukho Thai proves it well. 

After a really long and hectic weekend, rejuvenation is what you crave for. Nothing can beat the power of spa.

It was my first Spa experience with sukho thai and trust me it was everything i needed after a long day.

Here’s what one can look forward to:

The spa has a soothing ambiance, with a beautiful decor and a mellow fragrance.


The spa was also hygienic and well equipped.IMG_5613IMG_5629

The staff was well trained and was very friendly


After a good foot massage, she also gave me full body regular massage which was very relaxing.

They served me some fresh, exotic fruits with some ginger tea which was refreshing and soothing after a good spaIMG_5601

I had a really relaxed time there and i am looking forward to go there often.

Thanks to sukho thai for a lovely gift hamper!



Coming down to health benefits of Thai foot massage.

1.Helps increase metabolism

2.Accelerates Healing

3.Elevates Mood

4.Makes feet healthier

5.Helps fight depression

6.Helps promote better sleep

7.Helps you relax

8.Improves blood circulation

9.Improves immune system

10.Helps lower blood pressure

Now i think i have given you almost every possible reason to experience the foot spa :p



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Valentine’s day look-book for every girl!

We all know its a month of love. Valentine’s day is a good time to tell your loved ones that you care and they are special in your life.

We all focus on gifts,food,party etc but we usually forget to focus on the way we look, By looks I mean outfits.Our personality reflects a lot about ourselves through the outfit we wear and the way we carry it, so why not radiate love energy through your body itself.

I have put together a couple of outfits you can wear on different occasions and also I have tried to create the looks for every girl.

I wont make this post a long one so lets begin with the first Outfit!

Outfit idea 1

Lets not keep it Basic!

Don’t worry! If you are not comfortable wearing anything short or if you want to keep it minimal but still wants to look sexy then this outfit idea is for you.

Occasion: It is perfect for a movie or shopping date.

I have teamed my Red top with a pair of jeggings and to give it some edginess i have added lace up boots and aviators glasses


Top: Westside
Jeggings: Zara
Lace up boots: Forever 21
Glasses: H&M
Watch: Jord Wood Watches

Outfit idea 2

Rosy affair!

This outfit is perfect for all those people who wanna look glamorous with a pinch of sexiness.

Occasion: This outfit is perfect for Lunch Date or for hosting a party.

Here I am wearing a Top with Rose detailing and a black divider skirt, paired it with Red & black color wedges





Top: Pune local store
Skirt: Pune local store
Wedges: Hisar local store

Outfit idea 3

Sock it Up!

This look is my personal favorite. I love how these accessories are giving whole new look to the outfit. This look is for all those people who wanna look smart, edgy and bold at the  same time.

Occasion: This outfit is perfect for concert dates

I am wearing a Back detailing red crop top with a pair of shorts and now my favorite part i have spiced it up with black over the knees socks and pencil heel boots. To complete the look I am wearing Aviators shaped Glasses.


 Red crop top: Stalk buy love
 Shorts: Stalk buy love
 Over the knees Socks: Forever21
 Pencil heel Boots: Forever21
 Glasses: H&M

Outfit idea 4

Let them Stare :p

Flaunt your curves with this sexy backless bodycon dress. This is perfect for those who want to give guys a reason to stare :p. I know it sounds cheesy but this outfit will surely make your guy eyes drool.

Occasion: Ideal for dinner date or a party.

Thing I love about this outft is that I didnt have to put in a lot of efforts. Its a ready to go outfit with enough detailing. I have teamed my dress with Block heel footwear.



Backless bodycon dress: I love Kapda
Block heels: Metro

I hope you find this helpful. Trust me I have put in a lot of time, efforts and money on this one so just don’t forget to comment,share,like and follow if you like this idea.

Till then bye!

Photography by : Abhay Raut

Everything is created by me.This post is not sponsored.


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15 Beauty Hacks, You need to know.

Some wise person said “To be successful in life you don’t need to do hard work but smart work”. Taking inspiration from these words i came up with these Beauty Hacks.

To get flawless results all you need is some tricks and not skills.

So in this post I have put together all the hacks i use in my personal life and also the ones i have researched on.

#Hack 1

Cover all those blemishes flawlessly.


To hide that awkward pimple all you need to do is layer it with foundation, concealer and setting powder and ensure that it doesn’t stand out of your face.

#Hack 2

Apply foundation before concealer.


To highlight the concealed areas effectively first set you face with the foundation and then conceal it. This way you don’t even need much concealer and it will work more effectively also.

# Hack 3

Bake your face with Translucent powder.


Complete you under eye base and then sprinkle some translucent powder to bake or cook your face and then dust it off.

# Hack 4

Reduce hair frizz by wiping it up with your T-shirt.


Terry cloth towels pulls too much moisture from your hair, which makes it frizzy, but the smooth cotton of a shirt will remove the excess water and leave your hair frizz free or at least less frizzy.

#Hack 5

Pour Tap water on your Hair before swimming.


To prevent your hair from chlorine or salt water damage, rinse your hair first with tap water before submerging it in the pool or ocean. Your Porous hair strands will absorb the tap water, preventing the chemical from damaging your hair.

#Hack 6

Pin two braids together for an intricate hairstyle.


Don’t need to spend ample time on making a masterpiece hairstyle, instead braid two pigtails on the back of your head, secure them with hair ties and then discreetly bobby pin them together

#Hack 7

Wash your brushes with a gentle face wash


.Your brushes gather germs and bacteria’s which can cause breakouts. Gently rub the bristles of your brush with a face wash or a dish washer liquid soap and then rinse.Remember the cleaner your brush the better your makeup application will be.

#Hack 8

Use different concealer for under eye and your blemishes


Your under concealer should be one shade lighter then your skin but if you use it for your blemishes it will highlight it more so go for a creamy concealer that matches your skin tone , to conceal it smoothly.

#Hack 9

Sharpen your lips edge with concealer


Leaving your lipstick without lining will make the lipstick bleed into the natural creases of the skin around your mouth. line the outside of your lips with the concealer for a sharp look. this will make your lips pop out.

#Hack 10

Don’t use shimmer products if you have oily skin.


Shimmer will make your face look more shinier. Instead swipe to matte bronzer, blushes and concealer a shade lighter than your skin tone to highlight your face.

#Hack 11

Use your phone flashlight to test your makeup in different lighting


If you apply makeup in a room with overhead lighting (which can cast shadows on your makeup). So test your makeup with flashlight of your phone to see you how your makeup will look in different lighting.

# Hack 12

Make your perfume last all day long.


These are some of the points which will help your perfume to last longer.

# Hack 13

Tie ponytails together to keep your bun tight.


Tie the ponytails as close together as possible in the middle of the back of your head, and then wrap the ends around together , creating the bun, secure it with a bobby pin.

# Hack 14

Instantly make your eyes look more awake by lining the inner with a nude eye pencil. 


This trick will brighten your eyes and also make you look wide-eyed

# Hack 15

Hide a manicure that’s growing out by creating a glitter ombré effect starting at the base of your nails. .

The best way to give your nails a makeover is, well, glitter. It’s pretty and will last for what feels like forever.

I hope these hacks help you. If you have something else other then this, don’t forget to share it with me.

Pictures and information: Google

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Every thing you need to know- Tampons (Facts)

Hey beautiful ladies,

I am back with another post on Everything you need to know series. This time it is about the Tampon facts as promised in my last post.

Tampons are great. I personally find it super comfortable and fuss free and would never like to switch back to pads. I would highly recommend it if you haven’t tried it yet. I am sure you must have found myth-busting post on tampons helpful and informative.

So here are some facts about Tampons you need to know before you start using them.

1. Types of tampons

There are two basic types: one that comes with an applicator and one that comes without. Initially, you could use the applicator tampons and gradually move on to non-applicator ones when you’re used to it. If you are not sure about how to use it you must read the instruction pamphlet and i am sure you will find it helpful or you can only refer to some videos which clearly shows you all the steps.


2. Tampons are available in India.

Tampons are available at any chemist outlets and can be ordered online as well. Mostly O.b pro comfort is available and it is super comfortable and are priced for 195 inr for 20 tampons


3.Different sizes of Tampons.

Tampons come in flow types—heavy, medium, and light. You can choose which one suits you best and which one suits what part of your period.


4. You can sleep with a tampon on.

I have been loving it ever since i started using them because there is absolutely no reason you should worry about sleeping with a tampon on. In fact, tampons can prevent staining on your clothes and bed sheet far more efficiently than a pad.


5.  It can prevent staining.

When worn properly and changed in time), tampons can be a blessing, especially, if you’re doing anything that demands a lot of movement. It prevents staining and you don’t need to face any awkward and embarrassing moments. Most sportswomen prefer tampons over any other menstrual hygiene product. Now you know the reason :p


6. You can swim wearing tampons.

You cant use Sanitary napkins while swimming but with a tampon, you can. Wearing a tampon can be a blessing for a regular swimmer, or someone who’s making a trip to the beach. Water also relaxes your system and helps reduce cramps and muscle spasms. A tampon can be your faithful friend to keep you stress free, while getting rid of the already mind-numbing pain.


7. Tampons cannot fall out.

Tampons can’t just ‘slip out’ of your vagina because of your cervix, its not a never ending tunnel!. When you want to remove it, all you need to do is relax your muscles and tug at the string and pull out the tampon the way you inserted it. You might feel a little weird at first but it will be okay after you get a hang on it.


8. Must change your Tampon within 4 hours.

Wearing a tampon for more than 24 hours could possibly increase your risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)—a very rare, yet life threatening infection. So, to be on the safer side, make sure you don’t wear your tampon beyond 8 hours. Ideally, on a heavy flow day, change your tampon every 3-4 hours.


I hope you found this post helpful. If yes don’t forget to follow me and give me a thumbs up and also comment down if you have some queries or if you want me to do a similar post. 🙂

Pictures and information: Google

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Everything you need to know -Tampons (Myths)

Hey Beautiful ladies,

I have been brainstorming a lot from quite a few days about what blog post should I write about. Then I realized that there are certain fields which remain unvoiced at times but plays a very crucial role in our lives. So i thought why not talk about it, it is absolutely normal and nothing to be ashamed about.

I will be doing a series of Everything you need to know which will mostly cover about the unspoken beauty. I will try posting a new post on this series every week.

As I assume most of you are young teenagers and must be eager to know about your bodies and a healthier lifestyle, but usually are afraid to talk about with the fear of being judged and to face awkward discussions. I think every one of us faces similar problem at certain point of time but its absolutely normal to talk about and it is good be aware then to remain unaware

I will start over with the topic Tampons. Why Tampons? Tampons might look intimidating at first but after you  know about it, you will switch on to it for sure. It is a popular hygiene product among women in foreign countries. But here, in India, it is often looked at with apprehension and is rarely the first choice for a woman on her period. Surrounded by myths and misguidance, tampon usage hasn’t really picked up here.I am taking this opportunity to spread the word about a tampon as being completely normal, and arguably, more comfortable than most other hygiene products.


Lets do some Myth-Busting about everything related to tampons in this post. I’ll be writing a separate post on the facts about Tampons. So stay tuned.

MYTH 1 : You can rupture your hymen and lose your virginity after using tampons.


The concept of losing your virginity from a tampon is totally bogus.Hymen is an elastic tissue which can easily stretch to accommodate the tampon. It is not necessary that you might harm the hymen while using a tampon. Also, breaking the hymen doesn’t mean you lose your virginity. A hymen can break while exercising, cycling, horseback riding, stretching, etc.  Also, many women are born without a hymen. So an intact hymen is not the proof of  virginity.

MYTH 2 : Tampons can get lost or stuck.


It’s impossible to lose a tampon inside your body. The vagina is not an endless tunnel! The vaginal canal is only about three to five inches long, ending at the cervix, a tampon may shift around a bit during use, but it can’t get lost inside you. There’s a tiny string that will hang outside, and you can pull it out easily.  Also,  once you get a hang of using tampons, you will know how far you have to insert it. They are safe. The walls of a vagina hold the tampon in place until you pull it out.

MYTH 3 : Tampons hurt to use.


If inserted properly, you will not feel anything after you’ve worn your tampon. In fact its a total win in comfort.  First-timers can use applicator tampons if you are not used to it yet.

MYTH 4: Tampons affects the flow.


It takes one whole day for the blood to reach the opening whereas tampon absorbs the remaining blood of the walls, which reduces a day from your period. Isn’t a great reason to start using a tampon! Total win for me!!!

MYTH 5 : You cant pee while wearing a tampon.


It can be weird to go to the bathroom with your tampon in, but it’s not dangerous, and you certainly don’t have to change your tampon every time you pee.The vagina and the bladder are all separate systems that do not interconnect,Because the vagina is not connected to the bladder, the urethra, a tampon does not block urine.

MYTH 6 : It can cause Toxic shock syndrome (TSS)


Toxic shock syndrome is produced by a bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus and can have life-threatening complications. However, it is important to note that it is very rare and is caused only when the tampon is left inside the vagina for more than eight hours. So make sure you change your tampon in time,preferably in every 4 hours.

For more information Toxic shock syndrome (tss)

I hope you find this helpful. i will be writing a facts post soon so till then stay tuned.

Content originally created by me (Some Information has been took from the net)

Pictures: Google



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Rip it up in an Army style!

I always love experimenting with things and specially when it comes to fashion and i have been doing this since my childhood. Sometimes my mom used to scream at me because i use to cut some of my clothes and make something out of it. Sometimes it satisfied me and sometimes disappointed, but isn’t it a part of learning?

So for this look i have put down some trendy things all together and i think it looks pretty cool.

Khaki color have always been associated with army and i got this Khaki jacket from Lifestyle. The best part about this jacket is that it is keeping up with the trends with some lapel pins and embroidery patches. Isn’t that cool!



I have paired this jacket with a pair of knee ripped jeans,which i have ripped myself. To complete the look I have put on lace up boots which i got from Forever21 and these aviators from a local store.

I hope you liked the outfit idea


Photography by: Sriraj

About the look

Jacket: Lifestyle

Jeans: Deal Jeans ( Ripped it Myself )

Boots: Forever 21

Aviators: Local Store

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The Dove in me!

Hey sunshine,

Today I want to share something really different from what I usually write. It is not about Fashion, Lifestyle , Beauty , Travel or anything else but it’s about Me.

You all know me as a blogger or a social media influencer but not as a person. It is not easy to talk about myself to so many people and that too on social media but you guys are a family to me, so here I am today telling you about me.

I know I was supposed to post a fashion blog post as mentioned on my last post on instagram but then I thought why not share about what kind of person I am.

So I got an assignment in my college where I had to take an object,animal,bird or anything apart from human which describes me well. So after brainstorming a little bit and taking few personality tests I realized Dove defines me really well.

The reason  I chose a bird because birds like to be independent and not to be caged likewise I like to be free and not restricted by anything. I love to explore,experiment and try out things and not sit at one place and look at the depth of sky.

Now few of you must be thinking why Dove?

As you must be Knowing Dove is a symbol of Love and purity and for me Love is the greatest energy in this whole universe. It is unconditional, fearless and unbiased.Love illuminates,harmonizes, nourishes, it empowers you and not shrink.

Dove is also a harmless creatures, even I believe in peace and harmony.

Coming to other traits of a dove I am also thoughtful, patient, calm, soft spoken and kind.

You might get flabbergasted after knowing this but I am a spiritual kind of person (though I may not look like one) and at the same time I am also a very bubbly and jolly person, which makes a unique combination and which is rare to find and  you might be Knowing Dove is also a rare bird to find.

That’s it about me. I am really sorry if I bored  you or if I was too diplomatic but that’s me and I really felt like sharing it with  you all.

Thank  you so much if you are reading this because you made it till the end. 🙂

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The party edit!

Last month of the year calls for parties and gatherings. Each one of us wants to look perfect but we girls are always in dilemma of what will look perfect for new year’s eve that will capture everyone’s eyes. At the sane time we also don’t want to get embarrassed by being over dressed.

I have created three looks which will give you that edgy,sexy and elegant look with confidence.

Look 1

Let them stare!

I created this look for all those looking for that sexy,bold and edgy look.

Give them something to talk about,behind your back by wearing this backless bodysuit from Stalk buy love. It looks great from not only the back but also from the front.

I have paired it with a pair of black leather detail jeggings from Zara and pencil heel boots from Forever 21

Look 2

The sequin affair!

This look is for all those who wants to look glam with shine.

Give them the shine,they will never forget about by wearing these Co-ordinates from stalk buy love.

Look 3

That cut though!

This one is for those who wants to look little bold without losing the elegance.

I got this neck cut detail top from Forever 21. the cut neck detail allows you to show some cleavage and give a glam to your outfit.

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Salon like hair color at home – BBLUNT

We all love to experiment with fashion so why not hair color? After all hair plays a vital role to display our personality. We all love to play with different hairstyles but fear to experiment with its color.

I know hair damage is the main concern behind coloring our hair and also spending bomb on it. What if i say you just need 200 bucks to get salon like hair and your tresses remain stress free because of no ammonia formula.

Shocked! right?  Well I was too!!

I was fortunate enough to try out Bblunt salons secret hair color which is available in 7 colour shades; Black (Natural Black), Chocolate (Dark Brown), Blueberry (Blue Black), Honey (Light Golden Brown), Wine (Deep Burgundy), Mahogany (Reddish Brown) and Coffee (Natural Brown).

As the name of this product itself defines it well. So the secret of this product is its unique Shine tonic which is an additional element compared to other hair colors which usually comes with a colorant and a developer. It gives you a unique shine in comparison with other regular colors. Also, the no ammonia formula is another cherry on the top. So you don’t have to worry about the damage of your hair.

This is what the product looks like. It includes

Salon Secret Colourant: 1 Tube of Crème colourant – 50 gms
Salon Secret Developer: 1 Tube of Developer – 50 gms
Shine Tonic: 1 Tube of Shine Tonic – 8 ml

Gloves: 1 Pair of disposable gloves
1 Instruction leaflet

All you need additionally is a non metallic bowl and a hair coloring brush



This is what my hair looked like before coloring (i already had honey cream color highlights)


Before starting the process i always prefer to read the instructions carefully, to know the product better (please ignore my chapped ugly nail paint, i am too lazy to do my nails every time)


Mix all the three elements as per required quantity.


Apply it wherever you need the color. You don’t need to color all your hair necessarily.

I only prefer to do it on my roots.

After applying the color leave it for 30 minutes and rinse it off using shampoo and conditioner.

You can also try out their product range, from shampoos, conditioners, dry shampoo, styling products for men and women, hair extensions and temporary hair colour.



As you can see it gives an extra shine and a natural hair color look.

Must try !