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Everything you need to know -Tampons (Myths)

Hey Beautiful ladies,

I have been brainstorming a lot from quite a few days about what blog post should I write about. Then I realized that there are certain fields which remain unvoiced at times but plays a very crucial role in our lives. So i thought why not talk about it, it is absolutely normal and nothing to be ashamed about.

I will be doing a series of Everything you need to know which will mostly cover about the unspoken beauty. I will try posting a new post on this series every week.

As I assume most of you are young teenagers and must be eager to know about your bodies and a healthier lifestyle, but usually are afraid to talk about with the fear of being judged and to face awkward discussions. I think every one of us faces similar problem at certain point of time but its absolutely normal to talk about and it is good be aware then to remain unaware

I will start over with the topic Tampons. Why Tampons? Tampons might look intimidating at first but after you  know about it, you will switch on to it for sure. It is a popular hygiene product among women in foreign countries. But here, in India, it is often looked at with apprehension and is rarely the first choice for a woman on her period. Surrounded by myths and misguidance, tampon usage hasn’t really picked up here.I am taking this opportunity to spread the word about a tampon as being completely normal, and arguably, more comfortable than most other hygiene products.


Lets do some Myth-Busting about everything related to tampons in this post. I’ll be writing a separate post on the facts about Tampons. So stay tuned.

MYTH 1 : You can rupture your hymen and lose your virginity after using tampons.


The concept of losing your virginity from a tampon is totally bogus.Hymen is an elastic tissue which can easily stretch to accommodate the tampon. It is not necessary that you might harm the hymen while using a tampon. Also, breaking the hymen doesn’t mean you lose your virginity. A hymen can break while exercising, cycling, horseback riding, stretching, etc.  Also, many women are born without a hymen. So an intact hymen is not the proof of  virginity.

MYTH 2 : Tampons can get lost or stuck.


It’s impossible to lose a tampon inside your body. The vagina is not an endless tunnel! The vaginal canal is only about three to five inches long, ending at the cervix, a tampon may shift around a bit during use, but it can’t get lost inside you. There’s a tiny string that will hang outside, and you can pull it out easily.  Also,  once you get a hang of using tampons, you will know how far you have to insert it. They are safe. The walls of a vagina hold the tampon in place until you pull it out.

MYTH 3 : Tampons hurt to use.


If inserted properly, you will not feel anything after you’ve worn your tampon. In fact its a total win in comfort.  First-timers can use applicator tampons if you are not used to it yet.

MYTH 4: Tampons affects the flow.


It takes one whole day for the blood to reach the opening whereas tampon absorbs the remaining blood of the walls, which reduces a day from your period. Isn’t a great reason to start using a tampon! Total win for me!!!

MYTH 5 : You cant pee while wearing a tampon.


It can be weird to go to the bathroom with your tampon in, but it’s not dangerous, and you certainly don’t have to change your tampon every time you pee.The vagina and the bladder are all separate systems that do not interconnect,Because the vagina is not connected to the bladder, the urethra, a tampon does not block urine.

MYTH 6 : It can cause Toxic shock syndrome (TSS)


Toxic shock syndrome is produced by a bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus and can have life-threatening complications. However, it is important to note that it is very rare and is caused only when the tampon is left inside the vagina for more than eight hours. So make sure you change your tampon in time,preferably in every 4 hours.

For more information Toxic shock syndrome (tss)

I hope you find this helpful. i will be writing a facts post soon so till then stay tuned.

Content originally created by me (Some Information has been took from the net)

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